Fire On Air, Part 1, 2019, film still

Fire On Air, Part 1, 2019, film still

Fire On Air, Part 1, 2019, film still

Fire On Air, Part 1, 2019, film still

Fire On Air, Part 1, 2019, film still

Fire On Air, Part 1, 2019, film still

Fire On Air - Extract Iceland, mixed, 16mm, 2K, 4:34 minutes, 2018/2019


FOA is a long-term film project that produces several multimedia sections as work results.

realised by Christin Berg

year of production 2019

countries Iceland, Germany, France, Portugal

duration -

status Postproduction

The project is kindly supported by European Travel Grant, the Nes Artist Residency Iceland and the Travel Grant by german federal state Mecklenburg Vorpommern as well as Hessische Reise- und Kulturstiftung.


Fire On Air shows the life of Elle in three stages of her life. As a child, “Elle” grows up on a barren island and explores her surroundings with naivety and creativity. She is a loner and often monologizes her experiences with the environment to herself. Social bonding with other children is difficult for her, Elle is obvious older than a child, but invents her own fantasy character that makes her appear younger. By staying close to nature, outside in the storm and snow, she grows together increasingly with the peculiarities of landscape. In her environment the father is a close adviser and a lady who meets Elle on a night drive by car becomes a guide into a new phase of life. The darkness of the wintry landscape gives the impression of a dawn break. At the same time it is a haven for dreams and imagination. The first part ends with a boat trip to the new shore.

Section two is dedicated to Mrs. Elle. Here is her stay in a forest shown. She chews down treetops and moves from one tree to the next. Her powers have strengthened. She remains a fantasy character of her own imagination. A meeting with a man in the woods, who almost takes their privacy, encourages them to communicate and defend their space. The developed peculiarities in the solitude of Elle encounters strongly as a contrast to her social environment. From a playful child, she has become an observer, which in turn is no longer taken up by her environment and thus transformed into a nomadic. In the forest the spring has come, which gives heat. The light is intense and due to the humidity of the morning air, food grows in the forest and a river is closed by. In section 3, Fire On Air shows Elle as a lady in a fruity, complex landscape. She has had years of austerity and arrives in the south. She makes use of the gifts of nature and has gathered a collective seeking a similar life. But in the peculiarity of her character of a lonely wolf, she moves away from the group and, at the end of her power - standing before death, reaches the border of the continent, the sea. The cycle of beginning and arrival closes.


Fire On Air could only come about through the agility and spontaneity of all participants. During the shoot, the creative and intuitive reaction to events had priority. The speed of decisions and changing locations influenced cast like working behind the camera. The first idea for the film Fire On Air came with the research to utopia and the reading of writers such as Italo Calvino. The thought was firmly anchored in me to portray the life of a nomad in various landscapes and the forest. The forest as a demonstration place for the preservation of our environment increased parallel in the current day politics at the same time. Likewise, particularly in 2018, the outbreaks of heat waves and their extremely fatal consequences in the form of forest fires and storms became clear. Placing this particularly sensitive character in a vulnerable natural habitat was extremely important to this work. The film is based on contrast and movement, this physical form of space-walking instinctively led to the study of nomadism in today’s modernized world.




JAKOB STARK - Cinematography








5.6K, 2K, 16mm


Mrs. Dee

Evangeline Baldwin

Ann-Ci Lifmark

Heinz Kasper

Hannah Ehrlichmann

Recardo Koppe


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