Above “Fire On Air” Portugal, 2018, film still  Below “Fire On Air” Iceland, 2019, extract intro, 16 mm, 4K transfer to HD

Above “Fire On Air” Portugal, 2018, film still

Below “Fire On Air” Iceland, 2019, extract intro, 16 mm, 4K transfer to HD


Episode I-III

Director, Script: Christin Berg

Camera: Jakob Stark

Digital video, 16mm film
in production

The project is kindly supported by European Travel Grant, the Nes Artist Residency Iceland and the Travel Grant by german federal state Mecklenburg Vorpommern as well as Hessische Reise- und Kulturstiftung.


In this film project, the focus is on walking and the walking wanderlust staged as a physical, social and political act, an essay film that combines elements of experimental and artistic documentary film. The narration of FOA is designed as a trilogy. In this trisection we meet a child, a young woman and an elderly lady. A document of a life plan of a woman in Europe. Each self-contained episode presents the selfsame character in three stages of life in varying social environment and landscape, as well as the physical and physical change associated with their movement. The production is based on an intensive examination of the natural habitat forest. The lm trilogy examines the ideological and confrontational interweaving of consciousness and irrational being. We accompany the lifelong journey of the leading actress, who is in search of origin; Resistant and baring, facing confrontation, memory, myths and realities. The first episode is based in the landscape of Iceland. The second episode takes place in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, the chalk coast, int beaches and centuries-old beech forests. The third episode leads to Portugal, the coastline with sacred cork oaks and the rich vegetation of Alentejo. An investigation of walking and climbing landscapes. A vagabond. Every word a sword, every step a beat. Colors like steel blue, polar silver, slate, in the blinding light, gray shade, in a deep green, a translation from everyday manners into the mystical and rather merciless area of nature. Not mathematically scientific, but archaic, a form of narration emerges, a theory of the nature / human relationship, aggregate states of the soul, an invetsigation of worlds during the exploration of a parallel society form. Nomadism as the source of our human development and the associated problem of the conflict between sedentary and researcher urge.